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Rough Times CakeBaked Beans and Corn Bread


Banana Bread

Magic Muffins

Gramma Willi’s Chili


Gramma Willi Nolan has been very busy lately working as a community activist to stop fracking

from invating her home communities…

Visit her web page “Willi Nolan Speaks – Peoples Lawsuit – Main Page” to get all the exciting news.

Spring-Summer 2009

Relatives, blogging and YouTube-ing are still pretty new to me, so thanks for all your recipes, kind words and support; I can really feel the LOVE!
Every time I hear from you, I get excited and think of new ways to share what I have learned about food, cooking and how to live well on a small budget. The dream that began the Rough Times Cookbook is unfolding on these very pages.

Recipes from the Rough Times Cookbook can be found here (most recipes will feed at least 4 normal appetites):


The second part of the dream, Rough Times Cooking Show, is steadily unfolding on YouTube with our online video recipe collection. Some very special people are quietly working behind the scenes to get these – and lots more – onto your TV and iTV screen soon. We really love to see you subscribe, favorite, rate and comment on Rough Times videos, so go ahead, do it now!

Sunday Dinner, Rough Times Style

Sunday Dinner, Rough Times Style – Part 2Sunday Dinner, Rough Times Style – Part 3

Find some Rough Times recipes on video here:

NEW! –

Rough Times CakeBaked Beans and Corn Bread videos!


Check out Gramma Willi’s “Random Blogging” – I fill these posts with what I think is important enough to share with you from my dreams, messages and surfing… and of course, from your comments, so email me! roughtimes@roughtimes.ca.


Bless you and your food budget; I hope that this blog helps you and that you keep coming back to look, learn, lurk, question, bring your friends and family and share your questions, thoughts, money saving tips, love of food and recipes.

All My Relations, Gramma Willi

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Published on March 19, 2009 at 10:18 AM  Comments (53)  

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  1. I am going to try your baked beans recipe tomorrow & am nervous. I NEVER have had luck with baked beans before & hope to be able to take yours with me to serve @ an outdoor birthday picnic in California this Saturday! I loved your videos & wish I had had a gramma like you instead of the MIA grandma’s that I had!

    • I’d love to know how it all worked out. It’s hard to go wrong with Baked Beans… adding a little extra this and that to make them just the way you want them is simple, eh?
      good Food for Everyone!
      Gramma Willi

  2. AWESOME PICS AND RECIPES. i am working on eliminating or significantly reducing meat in the menu. For the GrandChildren They seem to be another generation of carnivores, but change is possible 🙂 Since watching what i eat more closely, i have went from 288 lb. to 190. Easier on the skeletal frame and joints for certain 🙂 Thank You Willi for coming to All our aid 🙂

    • Hey there Dave, Good to see you come and visit. I’m very happy to see you’re finding ways to eat well, get and stay healthy. For me, good food and laughter are the best medicines, and I’m proud to share with people willing to do their best with the life we’re given. Thank you for your kind words, your stories and encouragement.
      Good Food for Everyone!

  3. Dear Miss Willi, Originally I was looking for some easy to follow recipes for bread making to off set my grocery bill. In my search, I was blessed to find you and your site, In my younger days,, I raised four children and with the help of my “Post War” parents, I learned many easy and cheap ways to feed a large family with very little.Chicken and hamburger were a go to meat choice back then….imagine that!! I don’t know how they do it these days! It’s just my wife and me now and things don’t seem to be any easier with just the two of us on pensions. Thank you for caring enough to take the time and share what you know. I will be an avid follower.
    P.S….I live in Ontario as well so it’s easier for me to relate to your comments.

    • Hi Bob, How wonderful it is to receive your thoughtful comments – thank you! It’s also really good to learn that you’ve been applying the wisdom of your elders and how it’s helped when you had many mouths to feed. Here’s hoping that our younger generations get the best of what we leave behind for them. Nice to know you’re doing your best… me too!
      Peace and friendship, Gramma Willi

  4. Willi, I just love your blog, it is fantastic and provides so much information on how to eat well all the time, and especially during rough times. Keep up the great work…

    • Hi Kelly, I’m very glad you enjoy the blog. With food prices at an all-time high, it’s become more important than ever to do what we can to help each other to have enough good food, hasn’t it? I think of Rough Times as a kind of virtual fishing rod… Thanks so much for your kind words, be well.
      Gramma Willi

  5. dear miss willi,i think i’ll try your corn bread recipe the next time i make chili.yum it looks good.i can’t wait.

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