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Gramma Willi Nolan has been very busy lately as a community activist… visit her web page “Willi Nolan Speaks – Peoples Lawsuit – Main Page” to get all the exciting news.

No Shale Gas! No Pipelines! Clean Water and Energy Now!

grammawilli&friendROUGH TIMES COOKBOOK
About the Author: Willi (Wilhelmina) A. Nolan SA

Willi Nolan’s background as a single mother on welfare and crusader for economic opportunities for low-income women gives her an unbeatable background as the author of The Rough Times Cookbook. She developed the book to share her knowledge and experiences with others who live in the kind of poverty that she now looks back on with gratitude (for the learning experiences), and some less-than-fond memories.

Nolan understands that people need good food, and that eating well when you’re poor is a major challenge. She raised two children while on and off welfare and both had food allergies. Rising to the challenge of keeping her own kids healthy, she noticed reported increases in food and environment related childhood allergies and illnesses. This sparked a life-long commitment to community wellness. Her history reflects this commitment:

Since 1998, Nolan has worked under world-renowned epidemiologist Dr. Rosalie Bertell and the International Institute of Concern for Public Health (IICPH).

In 1997, women from the Canadian “Shelter Movement” honored Wilhelmina with its Remarkable Woman Award for her particular achievement as founding President of Project Esperance Non-Profit Corporation in 1987. Esperance continues to provide housing and support services to women and children survivors of family violence in Toronto.

From 1994 to 1995, she attained the position of Vice President of the Social Planning Council of Metropolitan Toronto. She also served as spokesperson for the Women’s CED Network of Toronto (Women’s Community Economic Development Network), an organization designed to advance sustainable financial opportunities for women of low income.

In 1993, Nolan became a co-chair of the Coalition for a Green Economic Recovery, which promotes alternatives to environmentally hazardous business practices.

In 1994, she opened “Green Clean,” Canada’s first alternative to conventional, highly toxic dry cleaning.

In 1991, Wilhelmina launched Bio Business International Inc., which marketed “terra femme” environment and body-friendly feminine care products.

In 1994, Nolan was honored with the first cross-appointment in Ontario history to the Child and Family Services Review Board and Custody Review Board by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. That same year, Willi was appointed by the Minister to the federal Environmental Partners Fund.

Using the tools of citizen action and education, she has served her community with dedication as a Board member, administrator, consultant and front-line worker for various organizations in Ontario, New Brunswick, and beyond, including:

Good Life Gathering for Youth, Elders and Community Leaders

Sierra Club

(Big Cove) Elsipogtog Restorative Justice Initiative

Toronto’s Native Women’s Resource Center

International Institute of Concern for Public Health

Women, Environments, Education and Development Foundation (WEED)

Coalition for a Green Economy

The Emily Stowe Shelter for Women

Wilhelmina lives in community with her son in rural New Brunswick.

Contact information:

ROUGH TIMES COOKBOOK c/o The Backwoods Writing House

© Wilhelmina Nolan 2001, 2002, 2009

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  1. I love your blog. You are a remarkable role model. With you for inspiration and help from God himself…I have found I can live frugally and graciously while being contented to do so. No more worrying about what I don’t have. What a joy to be able to pass that on to my friends and family.

    Bless you dear lady and all you do….Sheila from Arizona

    • Right on Sheila! Bless you too!
      Good Food for Everyone!
      Gramma Willi

  2. Willi – You are a wonderful role model. I’m impressed with your achievements, and the work that you have done to try and improve the way people live. Keep up the good work and I’ll be avidly following your blog and recipes.
    Sue (from Australia)

    • Hi Sue – What a great day it is, receiving your kind words of understanding, respect and encouragement!
      You can rest assured that I will be keeping up my work – there’s no sense stopping now when so many people all over the earth are looking for better ways to live. With so much needing to be done, sometimes I wish there were two of me. Fortunately, the peaceful revolution started in 2011 gives me great hope that lots more people are waking up and willing to pitch in.
      Please do stay in touch.
      One Love, One Heart, Peace, Gramma Willi

      • Hi Willi
        After reading some of your blogs, I’ve been inspired to create an organic vegie garden with as many fruit trees as I can fit into my tiny yard so that I can provide my family and my elderly neighbours with fresh produce. No chemicals are used here, as the things that I have read about “commercially produced everything” has got me quite worried – people (especially children) don’t need that garbage in their bodies and a lot of it cannot be eliminated. The initial outlay for seeds and fruit trees was a bit of a shock! Please keep on blogging so that we can all learn from you – you are planting the seeds today for positive change.tomorrow.

        • Dear Sue, How wonderful, thank you for writing in! Just knowing that my work has inspired a new organic food garden is encouraging me to look for new and better ways to use this blog and the videos to grow the movement and – Occupy Food!
          Good Food for Everyone!
          Gramma Willi

  3. Grandma, I love cooking will have to read more of your recipes, Thanks for sharing such wonderful dishes. Lonnie

    • Hi Lonnie, It’s good to hear from you. Let me know how you manage with the recipes – I love feedback!

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