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Rough Times CakeBaked Beans and Corn Bread


Banana Bread

Magic Muffins

Gramma Willi’s Chili


Gramma Willi Nolan has been very busy lately working as a community activist to stop fracking

from invating her home communities…

Visit her web page “Willi Nolan Speaks – Peoples Lawsuit – Main Page” to get all the exciting news.

Spring-Summer 2009

Relatives, blogging and YouTube-ing are still pretty new to me, so thanks for all your recipes, kind words and support; I can really feel the LOVE!
Every time I hear from you, I get excited and think of new ways to share what I have learned about food, cooking and how to live well on a small budget. The dream that began the Rough Times Cookbook is unfolding on these very pages.

Recipes from the Rough Times Cookbook can be found here (most recipes will feed at least 4 normal appetites):


The second part of the dream, Rough Times Cooking Show, is steadily unfolding on YouTube with our online video recipe collection. Some very special people are quietly working behind the scenes to get these – and lots more – onto your TV and iTV screen soon. We really love to see you subscribe, favorite, rate and comment on Rough Times videos, so go ahead, do it now!

Sunday Dinner, Rough Times Style

Sunday Dinner, Rough Times Style – Part 2Sunday Dinner, Rough Times Style – Part 3

Find some Rough Times recipes on video here:

NEW! –

Rough Times CakeBaked Beans and Corn Bread videos!


Check out Gramma Willi’s “Random Blogging” – I fill these posts with what I think is important enough to share with you from my dreams, messages and surfing… and of course, from your comments, so email me! roughtimes@roughtimes.ca.


Bless you and your food budget; I hope that this blog helps you and that you keep coming back to look, learn, lurk, question, bring your friends and family and share your questions, thoughts, money saving tips, love of food and recipes.

All My Relations, Gramma Willi

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Published on March 19, 2009 at 10:18 AM  Comments (53)  

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53 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. hello miss willi,i can’t wait to try your recipe for rough times cake! it looks so good.

  2. U r exactly the woman I need to learn ole time cookin! U rock granny. 😉

    • Hi PrepperPenny! Thanks for the high praise. I am glad that the recipes are what u r looking for… come back soon, I’m feeling recipes for some energizing spring time food bubbling around in my heart. Good Food for Everyone! ❤

      • Yes, maam! Got my garden growing, too. Can’t wait to eat, can and preserve it. WooHoo! Right?

        • Right on Penny!… I’m waiting for new seeds from spring greens to sprout… luckily, last year’s mustard greens decided to return and I’ve still got a bit of my frozen stores to keep me for a bit… what a difference in the way I feel eating fresh, clean food. I feel happy with news about your garden.
          WooHoo is right!

  3. I don’t have my dang glasses on, how can I order a cookbook from ya? Am excited to try your recipes.

    • Yvette, thanks for sharing your excitement – it’s contagious… btw, your cookbook is on the way! Your support is very much appreciated.

  4. You are totally amazing.
    My 7 year old granddaughter asks me why don’t I learn to cook more like you?…lol!
    We watch your vids on YouTube and now we’ve found your website.
    It was the best Christmas Present ever! We’ve even printed off all your recipes and have them in a binder in the kitchen so we can cook together.

    • Hi Sage, What a treat to get your message and learn about you and your little granddaughter cooking together. What fortunate child and grandmother you two are!
      I’m very happy to learn that you’re using the recipes. Thank you so much for writing.
      Love and smiles, Gramma Willi

  5. Hi Willi,
    Your web page is getting better & bigger all the time… Very impressive,
    Keep up this great effort girl.. 🙂
    Friend Dave xx

  6. Hi Willi
    Hope i have your name right. Wow you are amazing…I just love your personality! And the recipes…Yea! love them …ooooo you have a recipe for brown bread ..mmmm have not had that since I was a kid..I just came across one of your you tube video while in search of Native American recipes..I have some of my own but am always looking for inspiration from others.I will subscribe to your blog and youtube ! Thanks! Keep on cooking!
    Be blessed!

  7. hi Granny Willi i found you on youtube while looking for a reciept. i am so amazed at how much you cook like m. I was raised very “Dirt poor” I know rough times cooking from experience. i would love to one day do what you are doing.

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