Simple & Easy Subversion for Making Positive Change

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5 March 2009

Some pals asked what I’m doing to re-engineer the current systems, subvert it, or any efforts towards positive change. Here’s my answer:

I seek to be, provide and share examples and opportunities for the actual application of change, especially social, environmental and economic sustainability. The thinking that I rely on holds each person as responsible to the next seven generations, as in the famous quotation, “We do not own the earth, we borrow it from our children.” I also say, we borrow from Mother Earth too, we depend on her for everything.

Using these kinds of teachings, I can avoid “stinking thinking.” This means, in a nutshell, “less is more.” The less money and resources that are wasted or destroyed, the more that they are respected and wisely used, the better. The more ways to give back as much as you get, the better.

As an example, I try to always make purchases from businesses that are at least working towards zero environmental impact. Everyone needs to be “in the loop.” I commit acts of subversion in my public questions and statements to people that I make purchases from, e.g. “Have you got a product that is non-toxic?” “organic?” “fair trade?” “made from renewable resources?” If they don’t have what I’m looking for, I sometimes walk away, but more often, I stay and tell them why I won’t buy the inferior product. Quite often, the next time I visit the business, a change has been made … victory!!!

I believe that the combined purchasing power of ordinary people holds the greatest potential for change at this time in history. And so, I commit acts of subversion by letting people know how powerful they really are. Sometimes I do this in groups around kitchen tables, yard sales, campfires and coffee shops; my own family is not immune to my actions to subvert “stinking thinking”.

The purchasing power that ordinary people have is a great tool to help us to make changes for ourselves and work with other ordinary folks.

Lately, I’ve been checking out blogs. This also seems to have the potential for maximizing the gifts of many people concurrently, all at once and in harmony. I like that!

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